Christopher Wakling

Once upon a time Christopher Wakling drove tractors, painted ceilings, and argued with other lawyers for a living.

But he always preferred stories, and since 2001 he’s mostly been writing them.

He’s written six novels for adults.  He also writes about travel and teaches writing, and when he’s not doing that, or wrestling with his children, he reads or rides his bike.

His most recent novel is WHAT I DID.  It is a book for grown ups, but it is about a small child.  The papers called it ‘Gripping, hilarious and tender … without doubt, one of the books of the year’.

THE DOOBEREE’S FRIEND is his first story for young children with illustrator Darren Dubicki.

Chris Wakling


The Dooberee's Friend
  • The Dooberee's Friend

  • The Dooberee’s Friend is a heart-warming tale about feeling lonely and finding friends. The Dooberee’s quest for company takes him on an adventure where he meets fantastical creatures. From ‘the steam-kettle hen’ to the magnificent ‘skyfish’, each has its own personality and eccentricities.

    The story is simple but the world is a feast for the imagination. It leaves you realising that sometimes the thing you have dreamt of the most has been right in front of you all along.

    Manuscript available.

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