Darren Dubicki

When he was eight, Darren Dubicki was handed a large box of drawing materials by a woman whom he’d never met. He assumed she just really liked his drawing of a dragon.

He later went on to study Illustration, became an illustrator and then segued into film and animation too.

For the last fifteen years, he has drawn things, developed things, designed things and directed things for the advertising and entertainment industries, creating characters, worlds and stories for animated commercials, TV series, short films and feature films. His work has received industry awards and nominations along the way. Darren is a Director/ Designer for Aardman Animations.

He rides bikes and has a penchant for ping-pong, and he’s inspired by comedy, randomness and absurd inventions amongst other things.

THE DOOBEREE’S FRIEND is Darren’s first collaboration with author Christopher Wakling on a story for young children.

Darren Dubicki


The Dooberee's Friend
  • The Dooberee's Friend

  • The Dooberee’s Friend is a heart-warming tale about feeling lonely and finding friends. The Dooberee’s quest for company takes him on an adventure where he meets fantastical creatures. From ‘the steam-kettle hen’ to the magnificent ‘skyfish’, each has its own personality and eccentricities.

    The story is simple but the world is a feast for the imagination. It leaves you realising that sometimes the thing you have dreamt of the most has been right in front of you all along.

    Manuscript available.

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