Jimmy Griggs

Jimmy Griggs grew up on the family farm at Bradford on Avon with pigs, chickens, cows and horses. He left the Comprehensive School of Nelson Haden Trowbridge with very little other than an enquiring mind. Although he did go on to complete a business course at Trowbridge College.

Then one day his enquiring mind led him to discover a pattern of roads in the landscape that formed a simple set of animal figures. These were similar to the ones at Glastonbury that formed a Zodiac discovered by Mrs K E Maltwood FRSA in the 1920’s. Not long after he met Ben Lloyd, who had been a Type X Mechanic at Bletchley. During this only meeting he changed his thoughts and his research took a new direction.  Thus began Jimmy’s life long study of Iconography.

During more research he came in contact with the Frome historian Dr Michael McGarvie FSA for he was looking into the possibility that the Seymour family of Rode were connected to Jane Seymour of Wolf Hall. Their meeting resulted in Dr McGarvie publishing his findings in a small local magazine called, CONTACT – The Bulletin of the Frome Society for local study. The article was called ‘The Secret Quarter’ and it came out in 1986.

Jimmy still lives in Bradford on Avon with his partner Karen. They run a marina business for narrow boats on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

When not writing he likes to travel. Egypt, China, Amazon and Borneo are a few of the places he was fortunate to visit.

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  • Ralph Higley and the Illuminatus

  • Children have disappeared in the town of Broomfield.

    Two men who belong to a society called The Binders, Greystone and Black-Bob are concerned. The Binders are an ancient, secret guild created to study the strange phenomenon of ‘Ghost Doors’. These are portals between our world and another, which the Binders called ‘Wychen’.

    Creatures are escaping from Wychen’s evil under-world ‘Ragna Doom’ and now threaten the safety of the human world. Normally, Binders need special equipment to see these inhabitants of Ragna Doom when they come to our world, but Ralph Higley has a natural gift that enables him to see them.

    Almost imprisoned by one of these creatures Ralph watched as his friend Evan, aided by Evan’s brainwashed parents, is shrunk to fit inside a tiny silver box and is taken. Saved by the intervention of Greystone, Ralph is introduced to Ghost Doors and Wychen. There he meets an ancient relative, who gives him a special book, one that on the eve of his thirteenth birthday will unveil something of great value.

    On the eve of Ralph’s birthday his book bursts into flames. In the ashes an object was found. It uses a thin beam of light to write its name for Ralph: ‘The Illuminatus’. Only one question a day could be put to the Illuminatus and the answer is always given in the form of a riddle.

    The Council refused to take action to find the missing children and Ralph is horrified. He enlists the help of two friends, Simon and Rebecca, also Binder students, to attempt a rescue of his friend Evan. The trio search for the long lost Ghost Door to Raven’s Wood and the sealed entrance through which Ragna Doom could be reached.

    The Illuminatus tells Ralph how to find Raven’s Wood. The riddle leads him to a book called, ‘Thirteen Deadly Secrets’. Then before he and his friends learn its secrets, a woman, Mrs Ridley, in league with the Snargs, snatches the book. Their only hope now is to find the book’s author, Jeremiah Foghorn and ask him what a beggar gave to the Abbot of Dunton Abbey.

    When the three children found Jeremiah, they learn it was a bowl that was given to the Abbot. Jeremiah also told them they needed to find a special key called “The Shine”; it was the only key able to unlock the sealed door to Ragna Doom. He also revealed the Shine could be hidden in the tower. Meanwhile, from the snatched book, Mrs Ridley also discovers what could be hidden in the Abbey’s tower.

    When the children reached the Abbey they discovered Mrs Ridley has already arrived. Together they must solve the puzzle, save the missing children and try to return home so that together they can start new adventures.

    Manuscript available.

Ralph Higley
  • Ralph Higley

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