John McLay

John McLay is an International Children’s Literary Scout and is extremely well connected in the children’s publishing world. The founder of the Telegraph Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, which he directed with his wife, Gill, for 6 years, John is also an author and anthologist. Born in Middlesbrough, before the first moon landings but after man went into space, he grew up on a story diet of books, comics and Doctor Who. Sometimes all three. He loves Castles, but never wants to live in one. Too drafty. He walks a lot. Likes the sea. Loves seaside walks. He once worked on EastEnders – but rarely talks about that time in his life. Too painful. If pushed, he will also admit that he once ironed Kylie Minogue’s jeans. Too embarrassing. It’s his ambition in life to see a performance of every Shakespeare play ever written. There are 37. He is getting close.

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The Dragon's Dentist
  • The Dragon's Dentist

  • Harry wishes he was a knight. All his family are. So, one morning, as he sits cleaning the shields after a very muddy battle, he decides to do a great deed. He decides to capture Eric the Dragon. A funny story about a knight, a dragon and a horse called Oats.
  • Rights Information:
  • World rights: Orion Children’s Book (Felicity Johnston)
  • Dramatization & Film: Bath Literary Agency
  • Audio: Bath Literary Agency
Beastly Beasts
  • Beastly Beasts

Worst Wizard
  • Worst Wizard

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