Keilly Swift

At the age of ten, Keilly had her first poem published in a newspaper and she’s known since then that she wanted to be a writer.

Keilly has now worked in children’s publishing for more than fifteen years for organisations including the BBC, Eaglemoss and Egmont, launching, writing and editing many successful titles, including Dorling Kindersley Find OutThe Magical World of Roald DahlThe Magic Key and Thomas the Tank Engine magazines. She is currently Managing Editor at First News, the UK’s only national newspaper for young people, which has won several awards and has more than two million readers each week.

Keilly grew up in the Bahamas, where she was something of a curiosity at the local school with her pale skin, blonde hair and very large glasses! She remembers the upheaval of returning to the UK as the new girl with an unusual accent almost as clearly as the shock of the wet British weather and her very first glimpse of snow! Keilly has also lived in Switzerland, the USA and Japan, where she spent three years teaching English in elementary and junior high schools. She likes to take every opportunity to have an adventure, whether that’s bungee jumping in New Zealand or scuba diving in South East Asia.

Now living in London, Keilly aims to help children make sense of the world and their place in it, both through First News and in her own writing. Her work has a light-hearted and accessible style, often exploring themes of acceptance and the celebration of difference, which are central to her first book, The Tigon and the Liger which will be published by Lantana (September 2016)

Keilly Swift


The Tigon and the Liger
  • The Tigon and the Liger

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