Ros Roberts

When Ros Roberts was a child, an amazing teacher inspired her to write plays and poems and stories. Ros became a primary teacher herself, and then years later, her dreams returned to the world of writing.

She and her husband have three boys and have lived abroad in Canada and Texas, where her love of writing, flying down snowy slopes and eating steak were firmly ingrained.

Now back in the UK she has settled in the rural idyll of Cheshire. She is chief taxi driver, launderer and cook. While the clothes shrink and the food burns, she loves to write books that bring comfort and a smile to middle grade faces.

Love 40, her debut novel, is set in the world of tennis where Ros spent hours as a teenager.

Ros has enjoyed being part of writers groups, and was a member of the Writers league of Texas and British SCWBI. She believes deeply in the importance of creative writing in schools and loves to inspire children to write. The story has turned full circle!

Ros Roberts

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