Sophie Banks

When 16 year old Sophie Banks isn’t writing, she is either reading or curled up with a cup of tea watching crime, mystery or supernatural TV series or sleeping! She loves horror or thriller movies.

Sophie lives with her mum, two sisters, a younger brother, her Dalmatian called Baby and new kitten called Bella.

Sophie has always wanted to write. She has been an avid reader since she learnt to read -despite going through phases of wanting to be a lawyer, a psychologist, a detective, a hairdresser and a police officer, she always comes back to writing.

She has always seen books and writing as an escape from the real world, leaving your life behind to experience someone else’s. She loves discovering improbable, impossible, amazing worlds. There’s nothing quite like it!

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  • Taken (Working Title)

  • Fifteen year old Teagan can’t wait to turn sixteen and finally leave home. When she leaves the house for a week away with her boyfriend Todd, she’s expecting it to be a short break away from town, camping in Redwood Woods. She knows the rumours about the woods. About the people who live there, the ones everyone fear but she ignores them. She’s just glad to be getting away. . .

    Late at night she’s woken by people outside her tent. She screams as they drag her from the tent. When she wakes up, she’s tied up and gagged. When she’s asked by the leader, Donovan, “Do you know what we are?” she forces herself to admit she’s been taken by werewolves.

    A strange boy called Stark tells them that it’s wrong and they can’t do it. Teagan feels a pull inside of her when she sees him. He’s ordered away but he gives her an odd look that tells her he felt it too. She thinks she’s going to die and her parents won’t even know she’s gone.

    Donovan tells her that his wife was a Seer and gave a prophecy before she died, leading them to Teagan. It predicted that she was destined to be with the Beta of the pack who is his son, Bishop. Terrified she tries to escape but is caught in the woods by Stark. He takes her back to the camp and Bishop seems angry. Unable to understand why Teagan is more confused than ever. She tries to escape again but this time she encounters a black wolf with red eyes. No one in the Pack has red eyes. She runs back to the cabin and decides that there’s nothing outside of the camp for her now that Todd left her.

    As she gets to know Bishop she realises they have more in common than she thought but still she feels an overwhelming bond to Stark. Confused and frightened Teagan starts to feel more at home with the werewolves than she ever did at home. Should she stay? Are they really trying to protect her? Should she be with Bishop or Stark? There is only one way to find out . . .

    Full manuscript available.

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