Tracy Hager

By day, Tracy Hager is a Young Person’s Librarian, Chair of Youth Libraries Group (South West) and overseer of passionate discussions and silliness for the phenomenally successful Thrillseekers book group.

By night, she writes stories that get under your skin and stay there. Tracy’s projects include middle grade and YA novels as well as picture books.

In her job, she reads, reviews, buys and promotes books, as well as running activities, groups and events for newborns all the way up to the top of YA. This informs and inspires her writing.

In addition to this, she is a member of SCBWI and the YAvengers Critique Group, which she set up with four other writers.

In a former life, Tracy was a Public Artist & Designer, with commissions in England and the US. She taught art and was Artist in Residence in over one hundred schools. Tracy wrote content for board games (including Cranium), made props for films and websites and even tried her hand at stand up comedy. She has, of course, also worked as a bookseller.

As well as the day job, and having two children, Tracy has been addicted to education her entire adult life. After completing various art courses in London and Seattle, Tracy gained a certificate in Writing for Children & Young People at the University of Washington. She then studied for an MSc in Library & Information Management. This was followed by three years becoming a Chartered Librarian.

Much of her career has involved a great deal of public speaking, media interviews and running creative writing and art workshops, for small groups to 1000+. She actively talks about all-things-book-and-library related on Twitter and Facebook.

Art features strongly in her books, and words in her art.

Tracy lives in Bath with her family.

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  • Roots and Waterways

  • Roots and Waterways is a dramatic romantic thriller set in Bath. Jem and Hooley may have known each other their whole lives but this is the summer they finally fall in love.

    All seventeen year old Hooley wants is an easy life, but with Tourette’s he’s the recipient of more than his share of unwanted attention.

    Jem is intense, creative and can’t stand injustice. One day, after Jem jumps to Hooley’s defence, their romantic connection is ignited.

    It’s a time of first love, sexual awakening and friendships until a malevolent presence casts a shadow over their world. Guv is back.

    Then Guv commits a brazen and heinous crime. Caught in the frenzy of gossip, Jem finds it impossible to accept that witnesses will not speak up against Guv, especially since everybody knows it was him. Hooley’s response is to distance himself, but Jem can’t let it go. This difference in opinion causes rifts in their otherwise blossoming relationship.

    Alongside this, Jem is under pressure from her closest friend Lyle to work on a summer art project for her portfolio. How else will they ever realize their dreams of going to art college and becoming top designers? After many sleep-deprived nights, Jem hits upon a creative idea to “out” Guv as the baddie and her alter-ego, Violet Vigilante, is born.

    Jem plays a dangerous game with the wrong person and risks everything in the process.

    Tracy Hager’s YA novel, Roots and Waterways, navigates through complex and sometimes harrowing situations, which force both her characters and her readers to forge their own opinions and moral codes. With relationships, love, sex, violence, social observation and a true depiction of the world teens grow up in today, Roots and Waterways is a compelling read that will make you laugh out loud, gasp, and cry.

    Manuscript available.

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