Happy New Year!

I’ve decided it’s never too late to say and as it’s only mid-January I can definitely sneak it in. . . Happy New Year! The end of last year was so busy and I’m keeping everything crossed that it’s going to make for an exciting start to 2017.

First things first I have made sure to update my lovely author pages so do check out the new jackets and book that we added at the end of last year. . .

Jess French – Tickly and Fluttering Minibeast Adventures have been entertaining children around the country as Jess casts her mini beast magic over pre-schoolers. 2016 also saw Jess working with Born Free for Chimp Rescue. . .more books to come on 2017

Jimmy Griggs – Ralph Higley made his debut and is now being introduced to students in schools around the country. Jimmy’s tales about inspiration and bringing his characters to life are awe inspiring. . .do watch this space for the next book and further details.

John McLay – Harry and Oats take to the road for further adventures with The Worst Wizard and The Night-Time Knight! Gaining an international presence it seems there is no stopping everyone’s favourite would-be knight. Beastly Beasts has also landed from the pairing of John McLay and Martin Brown so do take a look and check them out!

Kathryn White – Last autumn saw the publication of Balance. Kathryn White, writing as Kit, has taken all her inspiration from working in Young Offenders Centres and schools and has written an inspiring and hugely thought provoking YA title. The Balance of life can be tipped either way in a moment of seconds. . . so easily everything can go right or wrong. Balance explores exactly that and at what moment the balance was lost. . .check out the films and Kathryn’s page for more details.

Keilly Swift – The Tigon and The Liger in all it’s glory! Keilly’s been visiting schools and exploring the topic of being different. . .take a look at some of the pictures to find out how she got on.

Laura James – Last but by no means least our hero Pug is riding in this Spring for a new adventure, Cowboy Pug. We can’t wait to find out more and join him in the next instalment. . .

All in all it was a busy but exciting year and this year looks set to full of news, books and new adventure too!

Do keep an eye on the site for all my news but of course you can always get in touch with any question or for more details. . .