Who We Are

Gill McLayGill Mclay

After graduating with a Publishing and Marketing degree from Oxford Brookes University in 1996, Gill has worked in the world of children’s publishing ever since.

Working with small independent publishers, Barefoot Books, to large global publishers, Egmont, Gill has a huge amount of industry knowledge.

From product development to co-ordinating marketing campaigns with UK retailers, Gill’s experience offers an understanding of all the different roles and sectors within the world of children’s books that together take author’s stories from idea to reader.

It’s all about children’s books!

John and Gill McLay love children’s books. Reading them, selling them, promoting them, and talking about them.

Since setting up the original Big Red Chair Company which works as an international scouting business, John and Gill have gone on to work on many other projects – each focusing on children’s books.

One of the largest of these projects is The Daily Telegraph Bath Festival of Children’s Literature which is still staged every Autumn by Bath Festivals. The festival puts children’s authors and illustrators exactly where they belong – centre stage.

Since working on the festival, Gill and John’s on-going drive to celebrate children’s books and continue working with authors and illustrators has led to the most recent addition to that portfolio.

The Bath Literary Agency offers authors the opportunity to work in partnership with their agent and aims to help them to become industry and market aware and ready for their future as a published author.

The Bath Literary Agency was set up by Gill and John and is run by Gill McLay.